viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Crossroads (Lingua Franca)

Crossroads (Lingua Franca)

One thousand flashes like an actress
hit your tangled hair and your face.
Then I pray to partake my loneliness
with you tonight but in another place.

We haven't talked enough,
beautiful times as we approach.
I suspect that my native tongue
born and burn into your mouth.

Sadly I know when ends this story,
with every step you take to walk away.
You smile to me, here starts my glory
but you cross the horizon faraway.

Me, like an iron statue underwater
watching the ruins in my gold path.
The sweet memory of how good it felt,
breathtaking oblivion at the aftermath.

The free kingdom of your eyelids,
the sky when lightning roars again.
Bridge between your shining smile
and the white fire of my cold eyes.

This poetry waking up in your lips,
my lucky words starting the pursue.
Sun and ocean breeze daytrips,
the slightest chance can be true.

My Lingua Franca tribute,
home of wilderness love.
One night of ten minutes,
too deep for me to ignore.

Toni Marzal

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